BZA art

I find everything amazing as it is……..


Just a little amount of canvass and color. The world got it right. Even just walking in the street you can find art…..

Even it was only a smile…….


Complex Theme

Have you ever decided what you want to do in life? Is it really that hard to be look perfect?

Choose only one path either good or bad

Which one will you take?

Die in a place with shade of dark and gray


Live in monochrome and learn to fight.

You still got your chance to suggest to god cause he is still brainstorming what to do in your life.

Live up! to your destiny, decision are made wise, companions don’t live twice. You got one chance to say hello and goodbye. Don’t make your life difficult it might affect other people as it reflects every bit of what you do.


Art is same as we enter a spectrum. A story were you ┬ácan be what you want. Same when we pick a genre…..

Do you like love stories, Fiction, Fantasy?

Me i prefer Mystery and Thriller.

Have you heard stories with the art of crime? they say crime is art is it true well i say deducting is also an art that’s why their is main protagonist and antagonist in every story.

The question is how will you consider yourself as one?

Life is full of art but somehow there are others who looks black and white. Do you get what i mean?

Loneliness and sadness






























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